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Bitcoin Rally Over After Weekend Sell-off

The bitcoin rally technically ended with the decisive break of the $422 swing low on Saturday. First we saw prices crash through this level on OKCoin and other Chinese exchanges. The U.S. dollar exchanges like Bitfinex and BTC-E took a bit longer to break the level but soon enough they joined in the selling as […]

Bitcoin Falls on the Day After Christmas

Bitcoin traders got some much needed volatility on the day after Christmas. The Friday session was a dud, with prices not moving much except some brief spikes around OKCoin futures settlement. But in the next few hours of the new session BTC/USD dropped $14 dollars to $441 on OKCoin and around $12 dollars on other […]

Bitcoin Still Trading Around $450 Dollars

Bitcoin is still trading around the $450 round figure. On the two hour chart below we can see that we’ve been ”stuck” oscillating above and below this level for ten days now. The swings haven’t been mild, with highs at $468.97 and lows at $422 dollars. But ultimately the crypto keeps ending up around $450 […]

Bitcoin Trading Higher by $9 Dollars

Bitcoin is trading higher by $9 dollars today. On OKCoin we opened the session at $437.21 dollars and slowly climbed throughout the day. The session closed at $443.46 but the move higher continued into the new day. Bitcoin is currently quoted at $446.50 dollars on OKCoin and $446 on Bitfinex. The BTC-E discount is now […]

Bitcoin Rally Stalls Below $450 Dollars

Bitcoin is trading little changed today. On BitStamp we opened at $438.14, traded to a high of $441.50 and a low of $433.06 before stabilizing around $436 dollars per coin. Prices on Bitfinex and BTC-E are trading near $436 dollars as well while OKCoin has been quoting $438 dollars. During the past few days we’ve […]

Bitcoin Down $26 Dollars as New Week Starts

The weekend wasn’t kind to bitcoin. Everyone’s favorite virtual currency shed $25.99 dollars since our Friday update and is currently quoted at $439.51 dollars per coin. Late on Sunday prices paused their decline around $430 dollars but this bounce was short-lived and renewed selling in early Monday took BTC/USD to a low of $422.59 dollars. […]

Bitcoin Little Changed as Weekend Nears

Bitcoin is trading little changed as we near the weekend session. We are currently quoted at $465.50, only 20 cents above the price recording during our last update. It was a slow but volatile Friday for BTC as we oscillated between a low of $456.00 and a high of $468.97 in the span of one […]

Bitcoin Spikes Ahead of Futures Settlement

Bitcoin is trading higher ahead of the weekly futures settlement. Since our last update prices have stayed mostly range-bound with a slight upward bias. But in the last 30 minutes we’ve seen higher volatility and a small surge from $459 to $466.07 dollars per coin. We are currently quoted slightly below the highs at $465.30 […]

Bitcoin Flat After Jittery FOMC Reaction

Bitcoin is trading little changed after a jittery reaction to today’s FOMC meeting. Prices first fell from $455 to a low of $447.13 ten minutes after the announcement. But from here we quickly rallied to a high of $460 flat, only to sell off again to the $455 handle. We are currently quoted at $455.53 […]

Bitcoin Flash Crash Pauses Rally

The bitcoin rally was stopped around the $470 mark for a second time. After the weekend’s crash from $474.01 to $406.24 we have been on a slow and steady climb. Today a high of $467.71 was hit on OKCoin. Around here the selling resumed in full force, with bitcoin falling to a low of $436.30 […]

Bitcoin Slightly Down After Volatile Weekend

Bitcoin is coming out of the weekend session slightly down at $445.99 dollars, compared to $452 dollars per coin on Friday. But this doesn’t show us the full picture. If we drill down to the 1 Hour chart (shown below), we can see that BTC/USD took a tumble in the early morning hours on Saturday. […]

Bitcoin Surges by 9 Percent Today

Bitcoin surged by $37 dollars or 9.2 percent today. On OKCoin we opened the day at $415.48 and slowly rallied during the entire session, with very little retracement. We are currently quoted at $452.78, after hitting a high of $457.18 few hours ago. On BTC-E we gained by $25 dollars today, from $414 to $439 […]

Bitcoin Little Changed at $413 Dollars

Bitcoin continues to trade little changed. On BTC-E we opened the day at $411.52, traded to a low of $405.94, then rallied to a high of $417.08 before settling around $413 dollar per coin. As we can see on the chart below, in the past eight hours we’ve been stuck in a mini-triangle with prices […]

Bitcoin Creator Expose Leads to Home Raid

Things have been calm on the price front since our last update. Bitcoin retraced from the $426 highs to a low of $408.57. But the lows were quickly bought up by traders and BTC/USD is now back to the $418 dollars handle. On the chart below we can see how today played out on the […]

Bitcoin Surges Higher, $426 Dollars Hit

Bitcoin surged higher yesterday, gaining $20 dollars in one hour. Today the move higher continued at a slower pace, hitting the $426 level around mid-day. We have since fallen back somewhat to $421.09 dollars per coin. On the chart below we can see today’s trading session on OKCoin. On BTC-E we had a similarly bullish […]

Bitcoin Consolidates, Look at the News

Not much has happened in bitcoin-land since our last update. Prices are still trading just below the $400 handle. On OKCoin we opened at $398.54, fell to a low of $382.41 before rallying all the way to $402. We are currently quoted at $396.13 dollars per coin. During the past two days prices have remained […]

Bitcoin Pauses Below $400 Dollars

Bitcoin paused the rally right below the $400 round figure. Yesterday we topped out at $404.87 dollars per coin. From here we fell to a low of $382.41 few hours ago. We are currently quoted right in the middle of this daily range at $393.28. On the chart below we can see today’s trading session […]

Bitcoin Rallies Above $383, Hits $404 Dollars

Bitcoin is back in rally mode after breaking above the $383 resistance noted in our previous article. On OKCoin we opened at $363.93 and slowly gained ground all day until prices stopped around $385 dollars. Here we had a small $12 dollars retracement to $373 dollars per coin. However few hours later the move higher […]

Bitcoin in Another Uneventful Session

Bitcoin had another uneventful trading session. On BTC-E we opened at $356.84. While we hit a high of $359.89 and a low of $352.88 during the day, ultimately prices went nowhere and we closed at $356.99 dollars per coin. We are currently quoted at $356.77 on this exchange. On OKCoin we saw a similar session, […]

Bitcoin Little Changed in Volatile Session

Bitcoin looks set to close the day little changed after another volatile session. On BTC-E we opened at $355.93, rallied to a high of $364.93, then fell to a daily low of $351.75. We are currently quoted at $358.71 on this exchange, about $2.78 dollars higher on the day, or 0.78%. On OKCoin the swings […]